About Tracey

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you are right.” - Henry Ford

Henry Ford’s philosophy has shaped the way Tracey tackles life, her business and learning. The philosphy talks to how we engage with challenge and change. By examining our thoughts carefully we get clues as to how we may enable ourselves to move forward on any aspect.

Tracey is the director of Stoke and has spent that past 13 years developing coaching and facilitation for businesses. Tracey is a Professional Associate at GIBS (The Gordon Institute for Business Science) which is the number one ranked business school in Africa. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation, a licenced practioner in the Science of Happiness at Work, Emotional intelligence and Lumina Profiles.

“I believe that every person is creative and resourceful and capable of much more than we believe. Sometimes we need to be put to the test to allow our true potential to be uncovered”

This year Tracey completed Ironman South Africa and seven weeks later successfully ran the Comrades Marathon. “This is the biggest physical challenge that I have completed and has renewed my belief in how much uncapped potential we have.”

Tracey’s passion for learning is combined with her passion for horses and working outdoors in the horse workshops that are now available.

“I’ve been around horses since I was a kid and have always been awed by their ability to see beyond the facacde that we humans present to the world. Working with horses as our teachers in a workshop environment is so rewarding because they highlight for us behaviours that may be limiting in our work or personal lives.”

Tracey firmly believes in Stoking the potential that exists within each of us. Based on her extensive corporate and equine experience and her willingness to get her hands dirty, Tracey is an expert in creating the training experience that delivers the results her clients expect.

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