Mentoring Programs

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review one of the most important factors millenials are taking into account when chosing new jobs is whether they will have a mentor within the business.

Building succession planning, an empowered workforce or retaining young talent depends on the ability of senior managers to create an environment that allows less experienced employees to think for themselves and to build their capacity within the business.

Stoke has designed and successfully implemented mentoring programs since 2012. Many mentoring programs fail because the supporting framework and structure is not in place before implementing the program. Stoke designs mentoring programs to fit your organisations needs, this includes:

  • Design of the program according to the needs and objectives of the organisation
  • Training of mentors
  • Matching of mentors to mentees
  • Introduction of the program to mentors and mentees
  • Ongoing support and learning throughout the program for both mentors and mentees

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