Tracey lectures Coaching Skills for Managers and has been acknowledged as a practical, no-nonsense lecturer. Tracey also coaches regularly for the GIBS programs including, General Management for Results and a variety of Company Specific Programs.

SA Taxi

How would you describe the Mentorship Programme?

A thoughtful, powerful and effective programme that will expand participants minds in the ways of communication, leadership, and empathy. There really are a myriad of mind-blowing concepts to explore and take to heart; all of which will make you into a better leader, and contributor in your organisation. Most importantly, the programme will teach you to listen, and understand in the most effective way possible.

What has been the biggest benefit to you personally and your work?

Being able to really help, guide, and listen to my personal friends, and colleagues in a way that is sincere and cooperative. The benefits for myself as a person have been tremendous; I have learned the most crucial skill, that of listening, and have applied in great swathes to every aspect of my life. The programme has truly opened my mind to the power of honest, and effective communication, and has really improved my relations with every person in my life. Being able to help a really close friend through a time of great personal sadness, and serious depressive trials has been the greatest outcome, and gift of the programme.

A really heartfelt thanks to you for guiding us through this programme, and really giving us the platform to learn such a tremendously effective skill.

What did you gain from the workshop?

Effective practice sessions and guidance. Good feedback on areas of development and good work. Excellent workshop that provided me with the confidence to manage a mentoring session effectively The workshop was excellent and enlightening. This program has changed me for the better. I have learnt so much from the practice sessions and feedback that I receiv

Paycorp Holdings


Stoke was commissioned to assist Paycorp Holdings to roll out their mentorship program. A number of delegates from Paycorp had already completed a theoretical program on effective coaching but Paycorp was faced with the difficulty of applying the lessons learnt practically

The delegates were engaged and went to a lot of effort to ensure that they achieved the mentor accreditation, which indicated to us that they had bought into the process and were interested in learning a very relevant and valuable skill. The course material was practical and applicable and the follow up that is built into the program ensures that the program has momentum and does not remain merely theoretical.

What did they say?

Our expectations were exceeded! The mentors that successfully completed the program are equipped to mentor key individuals within the organization and we are confident that this process will go a long way to embedding a culture of life-long learning within our organization. Our experience of Stoke was a mutually beneficial partnership.

We felt that Stoke became involved in our business and went to the trouble of tailor making a solution to fit our culture. Stoke made it very easy for us to conduct the course by providing comprehensive communication and administrative support.

Our desired out comes have been achieved in that we have mentors who are equipped to embark on a mentorship process, key individuals who are able to go through a process that will grow and develop them into the future leaders of the organization and lastly, one of our values is self-development and this initiative has opened up opportunities where we can realistically assist employees to develop further.



Executive Coaching Assignment for the Executive Committee of Bidvest Bank. Design and deliver an Executive Development Program to build succession and internal talent.

What did they say?

"Coaching helped me to set clear plans to deliver the outcomes I was wanting. I was able to put things in place which made execution easy and I achieved more than I expected." -Director

"Coaching and the process with it gave me a fresh insight and allowed me to re-generate myself. After being in business for many years, this was needed!" - Director

"The EDP was phenomenal! It exceeded my expectations as I could apply what I learnt in my everyday life" - Ashley Robbinson

The program was special in that it ignited so many values and strengths for me as an individual. I was made to participate in situations and roles that made me very uncomfortable – which allowed me to believe I can do it. I am aware of performance managing my staff actively and handle situations better. - Nicky Stefani

The program was very innovative, extremely practical and very modern. There is now a new drive from the people that benefitted from the EDP, but more important the word of mouth had the effect that everybody now wants to do the EDP. - Jan Lombard

Regiments Capital


Stoke designed and delivered an graduate development program to up-skill and prepare graduates and young staff for management. The program included learning blocks, action learning projects, group coaching and presentation of results.

What did they say?

"I learnt so much more than I have learned in 3 years. It was informative, challenging, engaging and highly recommended"

"Getting out of my comfort zone is really nerve wrecking, but the facilitator helped and was supportive. This was a good learning experience which gave me an opportunity to observe myself from a different perspective. Challenging at times, but rewarding and useful."

Standard Bank


A massive success with an ROI of over 100%! Debt Collections Call Center Program. Trained 250 agents, 50 Team Leaders and Managers. Coached the Managers to embed the program through coaching their Team Leaders. Programme run in Vehicle and Asset Finance, Personal Lending, Credit Card and Business.

What did they say?

"Negotiations are more effective now and the money is coming in."

"Coaching sessions are becoming shorter, with AMC’s taking ownership of their work. The conversations with clients have definitely improved."

"AMC’s are achieving higher than usual Kept %. They engage the client, provide different options and the clients commit better PTP’s than before."

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